Conception and Pregnancy


Take Quinton Before, During and After Pregnancy to Aid Conception and give your Baby all the Nutrients Required to be Strong and Healthy

For over 100 years Quinton Marine Plasma has been used to treat prenatal women and newborn babies with nearly 100% success, helping with fertility and delivering healthy babies.

In the course of successfully helping many thousands of babies, Quinton discovered that many pregnant women were losing babies prematurely or were having babies who were born with health problems.  Many expectant mothers had health issues themselves.  Frequently, these weak babies died very young or grew into sickly children and adults. 

Increasing Fertility

René Quinton was revolutionary in his approach to treating infertility and pregnant women.  Fertility is maximal and conception optimised by having as healthy a body as possible for both parents. Quinton Marine Plasma has been an instrumental part of the regime used by many couples who previously struggled to conceive.  A programme of drinking Quinton on a daily basis for at least 3 months can improve the health of developing eggs and sperm that increases the chances of a successful conception.  

Quinton realised that the basis of our future health is established when we are developing embryos and babies in utero

He began giving Quinton Isotonic to pregnant women with a history of problems during pregnancy and birth, with stillbirths and sickly children.  Quinton discovered that Quinton therapy was instrumental in the proper development of the foetus in utero even if there were ongoing maternal issues such as alcoholism and concurrent illnesses such as Tuberculosis. When these women were treated with Quinton Isotonic during pregnancy they achieved 100% normal births with no infant alcohol dependency or infection.  Quinton's contemporary Doctors followed many of these children for many years and found that they not only survived well but lead very healthy lives into adulthood.

New modern disciplines of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics are starting to prove that Quinton's understanding and practices were far advanced beyond the Medicine of his day and even now.  Research has discovered that according to the timing during pregnancy, nutritional deficiencies can predispose the unborn child to diabetes, obesity and heart disease later in life.  This is proof that genes are expressed according to the cellular environment and presence of certain genes does not automatically imply future expression of that gene with adverse consequences.  The other modern understanding is that gene expression can also determine how the body utilises nutrients.  It is of utmost importance for foetal development and future health that proper nutrition is observed throughout pregnancy.

Mothers-to-be (especially pregnant mothers who have experienced pregnancy previously without Quinton) have reported that Quinton has made them feel more healthy, more resistant to infections and more energised throughout their pregnancy.

The needs of the developing baby take priority over nutrients and trace elements from your body when it grows.  Quinton will replace these and help your baby develop whilst keeping you healthy too.  It is a frequent occurrence that mothers who have pregnancies close together have more problems with each subsequent pregnancy. It is probable that this is the cumulative result of consecutive babies draining an already compromised nutrient store in the mother.

Taking Quinton Isotonic every day right up until your baby is born is perfectly safe and will improve strength and stamina for the birth itself.  Following the birth, Quinton Hypertonic will rapidly replace vital minerals that have been lost, helping you regain energy and providing you with everything you and your baby needs during breastfeeding. Another great way for your baby to still receive Quinton!

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