Quinton for Children


Quinton Supports Optimal Physical and Mental Development in Children

By providing the correct balance of nutrients and trace minerals from the outset, brain and nerve development is optimised which is demonstrated by faster learning, more advanced motor skills, better co-ordination and stronger, healthier babies and children.

Children need just 1 x 10ml Quinton Isotonic per day to set them up for life

Parents are frequently surprised that their children instinctively like the taste of Quinton as demonstrated by the YouTube video on the right.  Getting children into the routine of daily nasal flushing alongside brushing their teeth will ensure healthy nasal passages and sinuses that are more resistant to circulating childhood colds and flu etc with reduced likelihood of allergies such as Hayfever and asthma.

As children get older and more active with sport and active hobbies they can start to use Quinton Hypertonic and TOTUM SPORT to help replace minerals lost in sweat during activity to maintain better hydration, stamina and focus.  If children are coming to Quinton for support during recovery from ill health then Quinton products are perfectly safe and advantageous to be used - just at a lower dose than for an adult.

Paediatric Case Study

René Quinton documented his extensive clinical research along with providing photographs of his patients.

The following photographs are before and after pictures of a newborn baby with enteritis resulting in continuous loss of weight while hospitalised for 45 days. In the first photo at 3 months 26 days, the baby's weight is 2kg 650g.


Injections of Quinton Isotonic plasma started at 30ml then 50ml three times a week with a total of about 500ml given. As soon as Quinton's therapy began, the girl started to eat 12 meals a day of 60 - 140g of pure milk per meal from 3 months 26 days to 6 months 7 days. 

In the second photo aged 6 months 5 days, her weight had increased to 5kg 290g. Her weight doubled in the first 2 months and 10 days of treatment. Having regained her normal weight the girl continued to develop normally.

For the last 20+ years, research has shown that drinking Quinton marine plasma is just as effective as the historical use of injections to establish and maintain a healthy mineral balance.

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