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Feeling tired, stressed and worn out? Beat fatigue with Quinton 

Quinton combats fatigue and stress by optimising body biochemistry.

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Emotional stability

Any physical, mental or emotional stress causes our body to use up minerals and trace elements faster than normal.  If we do not adequately replace these depleted minerals and trace elements our body function starts to be compromised.  Small changes in our trace elements can have significant effects on how our body uses other elements. Our physical capability, how we think and our emotional stability all rely on how well our body functions.

Our body starts to age during our 30s as Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels start to drop off.  We get slightly less efficient in healing and body maintenance.  We can help slow this process and improve the quality of life in later years by how we look after our health throughout our adulthood.  Everybody has heard the phrase "You are what you eat" which means that the better our nutrition, the healthier we are.  Supplementing with Quinton even if we feel healthy in early adulthood not only maximises our ability to work, rest and play sport etc but sets us up for a healthy old age.

Physical stress occurs when we exercise or do any hard physical job that causes us to sweat and lose hydration.  Only a small loss of hydration can cause a significant reduction in performance. For professional athletes it could be the difference between winning and coming second or last.  For example, in the Tour de France the difference between winning and coming last can be only 5%.  Not only does Quinton Hypertonic rapidly replace lost trace elements, but if taken prior to, during and after exercise it helps the body maintain maximum hydration and performance.  Hard physical jobs can equally cause loss of minerals.  These physical jobs frequently have an element of hazard attached to them.  Any loss in physical ability, or making the wrong decision at the wrong time can have serious health and safety consequences.  Drinking Quinton as part of your daily routine will help ensure you maintain your maximum physical ability and decision-making and help keep you fit and safe.

Few people realise how much energy and minerals are used up by tough mental activity.  This can occur as much in a work environment as it can in stressful emotional situations.  When your job or company success depends on how well you make important decisions and your productivity, it pays to invest in Quinton to maximise your ability to keep making the best decisions - all day, every day.  Likewise a level-headed emotional response to situations will ensure you are more likely to make the right decision in stressful situations.

Taking Quinton can mean you discover unexpected benefits that help improve your quality of life beyond what you expect or in ways that make little difference to the rest of us.  If you commute internationally with your job then jet lag can be an issue not only from the point of feeling tired but also in the quality of your decision making. The adverse effects of jet lag can last up to a few days at a time depending on how long your flight has been.  If you are a frequent flyer this means you are not at your best for a much more sigificant amount of time.  A number of frequent fliers have reported that Quinton actively combats their jet lag and supports the immune system when flying in planes that have a reputation for circulating not only cabin air but passenger infections too.  Quinton is great for helping maintain hydration of the body which is one of the main factors that determine jet lag.  Quinton works for Olympic athletes so it will do the same job for top executives and holiday travellers alike.  For whichever reason you are flying you cannot afford to let jetlag spoil your trip.

To combat jet lag take Quinton Hypertonic when you get up in the morning and mid-morning to boost your alertness and energy levels during the day.  Take Quinton Isotonic just before you go to bed to help your body relax and sleep with better sleep quality.  When you change time zone, keep taking Quinton Hypertonic in the morning and Isotonic before bed-time and your body will soon switch more easily.

A similar regime can be used for shift-workers who frequently do a few days working nights and then a few days on days.  Errors are much more likely during the transition between these regimes as the body struggles to adjust.  Simply time your Quinton Hypertonic to when you get up for your new shift and use Quinton Isotonic before you go to bed to help with sleep.  You will still need good thick curtains to cut out the light for daytime sleeping!

Quinton's anti-ageing properties have beauty and image benefits too.  Hair and nails grow thicker, quicker and stronger and the Dermo spray can help replace depleted minerals directly back into the skin.  Women who regularly take Quinton report more balanced hormones resulting in reduced PMS and improved emotional stability to help them cope with the demands of running the home, looking after children and frequently on top of having a job too.  Click through for more info on how Quinton helps with beauty etc and also dieting.

Our personal relationships can be affected by our emotional stability.  We all have tough times during relationships for various reasons, and important decisions to make.  Physical stresses can affect our emotional health and well-being as much as emotional stress can influence our physical health.  Maintaining the correct mineral balance with Quinton is an important way we can all ensure we optimise every aspect of our life for our health, well-being and happiness.