Quinton for Women


Quinton Improves Skin Complexion and Hair & Nail Strength through Inner Nourishment

The nutrients obtained from drinking Quinton daily help every cell work at their optimum.  This makes visible differences to your hair, nails and skin.  Beauty therapists and hair-stylists report significantly thicker and stronger hair and nails that are more resistant to breaking and splitting.

Quinton gives Skin Vitality and a Healthy Glow. 

For thirsty skin, which is dehydrated and lacks radiance, use Quinton Dermo spray onto the skin to directly replace lost and missing minerals.  Drinking Quinton Hypertonic as well boosts hydration and beauty from within. 

Ease sensitive skin types with this thirst-quenching spray, which will refresh and ease problem skin.  Quinton products contain no harsh or toxic chemicals. Let Quinton naturally nurture your skin!

  • Use Quinton Derma spray after exfoliation or cleansing for maximum benefit. 

  • Apply daily before your moisturiser or serum to tone and refresh your skin.

  • It is gentle and kind to all skin types.

  • The small spray easily fits into any bag so Quinton Dermo can be used to discreetly refresh your tired skin at any time of the day

Additional benefits ...

Women who regularly take Quinton report reduced PMS and improved emotional stability to help them cope with the demands of running the home, looking after children and keeping down a job too.