Athlete Testimonials


What the Pro's say about Quinton ...

Chuck DeBus, world class speed coach to over 177 world championship and Olympic Athletes.

“For decades it has been the secret advantage for some of the worlds greatest athletes.  Quinton delivers increased speed, strength and endurance.  It is a must for athletes and exercise enthusiasts.”


Bob, San Diego, world-famous professional skateboarder and winner of dozens of medals at the X-Games. 

This testimonial was given on March 24th, 2006 — the day after he jumped off into the Grand Canyon: "I just gotta say the last month and a half that I have been taking [Quinton Hypertonic] this stuff has been absolutely amazing.  I really feel energized.  I didn’t want to do this until I actually took the product for a while so I could speak from the heart.

But I just got over a pretty big deal, one of my lifelong dreams of my life was to skateboard off this cliff and it was a big project, stress, I couldn’t really eat that much, I ended up malnourished in the mountain, sweating, and doing all those things and I made sure every morning I had at least one of these.  It was like having a good breakfast. It has changed my whole approach, my energy, my workout, my focus in my work… my injuries.

I can say this is the find of a lifetime.  Just like this last weekend I did the jump of a lifetime and it has saved me beyond belief.  I am going to keep taking it.  I hope more and more people get tuned to this because this is one of those magical things that comes once in a lifetime."

An Evaluation of Quinton Hypertonic Seawater on the Performance of Cyclists.

Research Director: Dr. Marc François PAYA,  Director of Studies at the Faculty of Medicine Paris XIII and Member of the New York Academy of Science


Demian, 31 (tennis player):

"I’m a Tennis Coach for the past 5 years, playing daily my whole life.  My mother told me about this because she found out about it in Brazil.  My experience with Original Quinton™ is that it keeps me in that well-being feeling and totally focused.

The difference between when I take it and I don’t take it is completely different.  My skin looks better and I don’t get sick when I am around other people who have colds and the flu.

And my focus in my tennis game is much, much better.  Once I fell on the court and hit my right index finger, the second joint closest to the hand. It was so swollen I could not teach. I took anti-inflammatory drugs and when I finished taking them, the swelling returned immediately.  So I searched out another solution. Then I got Quinton and three days later my finger was completely back to normal.  Now I take either Hypertonic or Isotonic every day without fail."