Muscle strength and Stamina


Quinton Lets Muscles Max Out

There are a number of factors that determine whether or not you get the most from your muscles for whatever sport or activity you are engaged in.  Hydration, blood glucose and Oxygen levels are the obvious ones but what drives glucose and oxygen into your muscle cells?  What happens at the muscle fibre level to contract and extend our muscles?  What happens to these processes when we sweat, start to run out of oxygen and switch to anaerobic metabolism with lactic acid accumulation?

Sodium levels and ratios relative to other minerals is a key factor to helping our cells utilise glucose and draw it in from blood in capillaries that supply our muscles. Glucose and pH are important factors in transporting Oxygen into our cells which keep our muscles working aerobically for as long as possible.  Calcium is the main ion used directly in contraction and relaxation of muscle by forming a link between the different muscle proteins that slide over each other.  Of course there are other important elements too in muscle function and health such as Selenium and elements that function as co-factors to enzymes, ion gates etc that control everything that occurs in our muscles at the biochemical and biophysical level.  Other trace elements are important in keeping our connective tissue which is primarily collagen healthy too.  Strong muscles require strong tendons and good attachments to bone in order for the muscle to function without causing injury to these essential structures.

Taking Quinton Hypertonic or TOTUM SPORT prior to exercise helps ensure we are not missing any vital nutrients and keeps them topped up to maximise every function that is part of what makes our muscles function.  Now we're ready to start.  What happens next?

As long as our muscles are supplied at the same or a greater rate than our muscles are using everything we can keep going.  When the rate at which we are working exceeds supply then muscle function starts to be compromised.  Our muscle function only stays strong as long as the weakest link in how they function.  It may not always be oxygen supply or glucose availability.  If a vital trace element isn't available for an enzyme to function the whole chain of events is compromised.  Muscle fatigue can therefore occur for a number of reasons.  Once our muscles switch to anaerobic metabolism to bypass our deficiency, products of metabolism accumulate.  Nerve function also gets slower which can happen at both the neuromuscular junction but also centrally in the brain which will compromise our ability to make decisions and reduce our field of vision.

Taking Quinton Hypertonic or TOTUM SPORT during exercise ensures we don't lose muscle or nervous tissue function prior to running out of glucose or oxygen and ensures what we have is fully available for our performance.  Of course once we stop it is important to top up with Quinton Hypertonic or TOTUM SPORT again to drive glucose and protein into our muscles to aid recovery ready for next time.

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