Quinton Hypertonic


Quinton Hypertonic supports us in times of physical, mental and emotional stress.



Quinton Hypertonic is pure undiluted Quinton Marine Plasma that is three times the mineral concentration of Quinton Isotonic.  Each box contains 30 x 10ml ampoules.


Quinton Hypertonic is the ideal support for the body and mind during any type of stress that uses up vital trace elements more quickly than normal.  It provides a more rapid re-mineralisation that people find very energising.  Quinton Hypertonic is best taken on an empty stomach during the morning as some people have reported problems with sleeping if taken too late in the day!

Quinton Hypertonic will enhance

  • physical performance,

  • mental focus and alertness for better business decisions,

  • boost your immune system when you are under attack. 

Quinton Hypertonic has proven very helpful for people who suffer with depression or active infections both new and chronic.

Many people mix and match or combine Quinton Hypertonic and Isotonic according to what sort of day is ahead, or has been.  After a while you'll instinctively know which one(s) your body needs today and now!

A prime example would be to take Quinton Hypertonic first thing in the morning to give a boost at the start of the day, and Quinton Isotonic last thing at night to calm the mind ready for good quality sleep. This regime prevents jet-lag for important overseas business meetings or on holiday.

An ampoule of Quinton Hypertonic is a much healthier and cheaper option to a can of stimulant-based so-called "energy drink" that give a temporary sugar and stimulant hit followed by a rebound low.  Party revellers are reporting being able to "party hard" with better hydration!  Alcohol dehydrates the body and increases mineral excretion both of which are counter-acted by Quinton Hypertonic.