Quinton Nasal Sprays


Daily Quinton Nasal Sprays keep Nasty Nasal Infections Away!

Quinton Nasal Sprays come in both Isotonic and Hypertonic forms.  Unlike many other sprays, the gas propellent is restricted to it's own chamber and is completely isolated from the Quinton solution so that it's composition and activity is not compromised in any way.  Quinton Nasal Sprays come in a larger 150ml size and a small 20ml size that is suitable to be carried in a handbag for when you are out and about and need a more discreet solution for your nasal flushing.

Doctors are now realising that our nose and nasal sinuses act as reservoirs of infection for the respiratory and digestive systems.  The immune system that controls infection locally on mucous membranes is constantly battling to keep these infections under control.  As quickly as they kill the pathogens off, new ones arrive that we cannot avoid breathing in.  Normally, this delicate balance stays in favour of our immune system.  If our immune system is compromised when we get run down, or the burden of incoming pathogens rises significantly because we are surrounded by more people with active infections or in high pollen times of the year etc, then the balance swings away from our immune system and we start to show symptoms such as a runny nose, itching and inflammation that bungs up our nose and makes breathing difficult.  Daily Quinton Isotonic Nasal Spray use supports our nasal and sinus mucous membranes and the local immune system to function more effectively thereby making us less hospitable to pathogens and allergens.  This significantly reduces the reservoir of infection and keeps the balance in favour of our immune system.  When the local immunity is under less ongoing stress we have greater reserves available for when we encounter higher levels of pathogens and allergens.

In the same way that Dentists encourage us to maintain oral health through preventative daily tooth-brushing, flossing and mouth-washes, so more Doctors are now realising that regular nasal flushing with Quinton Isotonic Nasal Spray a few times each day helps prevent infections and allergies that cause unpleasant symptoms.  If you significantly reducing your reservoir of infection in your upper respiratory area in this way you will also reduce the burden on other areas such as your larynx, bronchi and lungs.  Your digestive tract is also saved from infections that leak down from these reservoirs too. 

Quinton Hypertonic Nasal Spray

The Quinton Hypertonic Action Plus nasal spray helps to treat active infection, whether new or old, within the nose and sinuses.  Once active symptoms are under control you can maintain your nasal and sinus health in the usual way using the Quinton Isotonic Nasal Spray.

Users have reported excellent results by using Quinton nasal sprays after suffering from Rhinopharyngitis, Allergic Rhinitis and Obstructive Sinusitis, Ozena, Dry nose, hoarseness caused by dry mucous membranes, Colds and Flu and is safe for Paediatric treatment.  For more information go to the Ear, Nose & Throat page