Statement about the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Limited  on 24.10.2014

Contrary to what the ASA Ltd would like people to believe by using their name as an abbreviated acronym (i.e. the "ASA"), they are not a regulated Government Authority with any legal status supported in Law other than the legal status it has on a par with any other Limited company, because that is all it is. 

Their company number and registered office details etc only appear on the bottom of the adjudication pdf (on the right) because I copied and pasted them there along with the Council members, none of which are medically trained.  You'd have thought if you are trying to be legal, decent, honest and truthful as they claim that they'd make everything about themselves clear on every document and not just when it suits them.

The ASA Ltd (to give them their proper abbreviated title) are an industry-supported self-regulating and self-appointed organisation that has no supervision itself.  It is no surprise given that their finance will mostly come from large corporations, that the views they largely uphold are those in support of their backers and mainstream opinions.  When it comes to health matters they are famously more Draconian towards any individual, business or organisation that has any hint of anything non-mainstream.  

Their "CAP Code" defines a health claim as "any claim that states, suggests or implies that a relationship exists between a food category, a food or one of its constituents and health".

This self-serving CAP Code they refer too, if taken at face value and to it's logical conclusion, would require a Grocer to have a Medicinal Product number for any fruit or veg that are advertised as being part of your "5 a day" or "rich in Iron" or any other nutrient!  Each brand of water or any other drink would require a similar bespoke medical research to prove it might give you energy, hydrate the body and prevent thirst or any other well-recognised and generally accepted property.  Quite frankly it's a joke!

The "investigation" that the ASA Ltd carried out clearly goes no further than reading the single complaint made over the past 8 years, no doubt submitted by one of the self-proclaimed but mis-directed do-gooders who trawl the internet and other media for any type of alternative or complementary health statement or advertisement in an attempt to try to ensure people do not have the freedom of choice to make their own informed decisions.  Many of these complainants are Pharma-industry funded.  If the ASA Ltd had read this website they would have seen the evidence for themselves of the long history of success and the huge volume of research that has already been published in support of the health benefits people derive from supporting their body mineralisation by taking Quinton.  Much of the research has been published in French (historically) or Spanish (more recently).  Whether I can supply them in English to the ASA Ltd to ignore during their deliberations is irrelevent to their existence or the fact that they have been published.  The testimonials by leading researchers, Drs and Practitioners, athletes and trainers etc speak for themselves.

There are endless papers on PubMed detailing the health benefits from every individual trace element - that is recognised and taken as read by any medical body or person.  It is one of the basic premises of the Government recommendation for people to eat fruit and vegetables every day.  Nobody doubts that the body needs the full complement of elements.  The composition of Quinton is fully documented so there is no doubt on that score.  It is therefore perfectly reasonable to link the research on the benefits of the elements with their presence in Quinton to state that if the body is properly and adequately supplied with nutrients, the body has the ability to improve it's health in areas witnessed by published case studies, medical practitioners and end-users.

It should be noted that nobody on the ASA Ltd Council has any medical training which would no doubt facilitate making any such adjudications although there is a high positioned member from one of the Pharmaceutical conglomerates, Proctor and Gamble.

Unfortunately, Quinton is not alone in having been singled out by the ASA Ltd.  Please watch the YouTube video and then sign the petition to replace the ASA Ltd with a body that is answerable, has an independent panel that is knowledgable in the relevent field, conducts a proper investigation and has the right to a fair hearing and appeal.  Thank you.

ASA: The Truth

If the ASA is truly interested in correct and responsible advertising to not mislead people regarding healthy living then they should be stopping any advertising that suggests

  1. that sugary drinks including so-called sports/energy drinks give people energy. They don't - they give a blood glucose spike that stimulates an insulin spike that drops the blood glucose through the floor and creates a craving for the next sugar hit.
  2. the annual flu jab prevents people from getting flu. According to the Cochrane Report as far back as 2006, and more recently in 2013, the annual flu jab has no statistically significant benefit.  Just think how much money the NHS and employers could save by not wasting money on this every year.
  3. topical anti-inflammatories get to the root of the cause of pain.  They don't - they just stop inflammation the same as systemmic anti-inflammatories but do nothing to reverse degenerative inflammatory conditions such as arthritis which are often the root cause of inflammatory pain.
  4.  and so on .....

09.11.2014 Update

It would appear that, as suspected, the complainant against Quinton Marine Plasma is one of the small number of very active groups and individuals who help to keep the ASA Ltd busy through systematic complaints aimed at anything they consider supports the credibility of complementary and alternative medicine.

The Nightingale Collaboration is a tiny organization made up of Alan Henness and his wife Maria MacLachlan.  They were given seed money by Sense About Science, and spend a prodigious amount of time reporting advertisers and practitioners of alternative medicine to the ASA Ltd. 

Alan Henness does not report any other employment, at least on his LinkedIn page; previously he was R&D manager for Honeywell Security and Customer Electronics.  He appears to have no background in evaluating or studying medicine or alternative medicine.

Maria Maclachlan (aka Skepticat) is the Community Services Officer of the British Humanist Society, which campaigns "for an open society and a secular state with no religious privilege or discrimination based on religion or belief," according to its website. (Alan was former Convenor for the Humanist Society.) On the website Think Humanism (, Maria wrote, in a short précis of what it means to be a humanist: 'Humanists embrace the moral principle known as the Golden Rule. This means we believe that people should aim to treat each other as they would like to be treated themselves - with tolerance, consideration and compassion.'

It would appear that this 'Golden Rule' does not extend to anyone who practices anything she takes a dislike to or that goes against the ethos of the financial backers of the Nightingale Collaboration, but allows harassing groups, practitioners or organizations who advocate or advertise alternative medicine. 

Sense about Science is a charity set up by a holding company in India, whose trustees include Simon Singh and his older brother, Tom, who founded the high street chain New Look. Sense about Science reports that it is supported by donations from a variety of sources, including the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and many pharmaceutically backed charities, such as Cancer UK, who you'd think would have better ways to spend the money raised by members of the public intended to support research into Cancer.  Contrary to what his name suggests, Dr Simon Singh (as he likes to sign his letters of complaint) is not a medical doctor; he has a Ph.D in particle physics which is not a medical qualification.  

Information on Nightingale Collaboration, Sense about Science and associated individuals provided by WDDTY.